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Ringly Connected Ring for Smartphone Notifications
My phone is almost all the time in silent mode and buried in my purse, so I can understand very well the need for Ringly. In fact, feeling the vibration of text and call alerts during trade shows is one of my preferred smartwatch features. Ringly founder and CEO Christina Mercando shares my opinion: she created the connected ring simply because she was missing too many calls or texts from […]

KICKR is New iPhone-Controlled Biker Trainer
Are you a cycling enthusiast? Ever wanted to try your hands (read legs) on biking at the comfort of indoors? Here’s a fine solution to your needs: Wahoo Fitness has unveiled a new Biker Trainer that not only comes with many tweaks and options but is also tech-savvy.It is aptly called KICKR Biker Trainer and you can control it with the help of an iPhone app. It is essentially a […]

Twikao app digitizes facial expressions into emoticons
You know those fancy emoticons that have lost their simplicity of yore? Well, the advent of the smartphone with different instant messaging programs as well as operating systems have led to many an iteration of the smiley group of emoticons, but here is a new twist. Twikao is an iPhone app that was developed by Takuto Onishi from Japan, where this app attempts to transform just about any portrait into […]

Tingle: Mobile Dating App To Launch in The US
Tingle is a popular iPhone dating application in Canada that combines realtime voice chat, location-based discovery, and online matchmaking features. Location-based dating service are more common right now, one good example is Skout.According to the developer, Tingle offers enhanced safety  features such as free Voice Chat over 3g or WiFi that prevents the need to exchange phone number s and location-based spontaneous discoveries without revealing users’ specific location data to […]

Advertising Price Predictions Service Launches iPhone App
Launched in Summer 2011, is a shopping service that predicts when to buy consumer electronics by showing to consumers when the price of a particular product will be the cheapest. According to Michael Paulson, VP Product and Marketing, Decide, the service is powered by a complex predictive algorithm that gathers and analyzes over 60 terabytes of historical data from various sources, including online retailers and manufacturer’s websites.Today, launched […]

iPhone controlled Ferrari Enzo toy car
Remote control enthusiasts, it’s starting to look as if apps simulating actual physical remote controls are starting to takeover your hobby! As to whether that’s a good or bad thing is highly debatable, but for now if the idea of being able to control a Ferrari Enzo toy car via an iPhone app is something you could see yourself having hours of fun with, Silverlit has just the thing for […]

Summon Auntie alerts drivers of parking attendants in the vicinity
City-state Singapore is one fine city – you get fined for virtually every single trespass, and boy are there plenty of laws, rules and regulations to follow there! Did you know that chewing gum is banned there? I digress – all that ‘discipline’ has also resulted in one roaring economy, so there’s always a price to pay for everything. Well, an iPhone application known as “Summon Auntie” has been conjured […]

First grader is youngest iPhone app developer
What do most first graders do during their spare time? Some of us might think that they indulge in a little bit of video games here and there, sandwiched by plenty of homework in between. Well, Connor Zamary is a 7-year old who is decidedly different from the rest of his peers, where this first grader could very well hold the post of being the youngest ever iPhone app developer. […]

Photo Stats turns iPhone photos into infographics
“There’s an app for that” has proved to be one of the more popular taglines when it comes to the iOS platform, and it does seem that way as time passes by. After all, we have apps to monitor your health remotely, or even compose your own music amongst others, so why not add one more to the list – turning photos that you snap with your iPhone into infographics […]

Tattoo tracks sodium and glucose using iPhone
“There’s an app for that” has been a rallying cry for iPhone users for quite some time now, and today, the very same cry is louder than ever. Just what makes this particular app so special? For starters, it will rely on a nanosensor “tattoo” and a modified iPhone so that cyclists are able to better monitor sodium levels in their bodies, helping prevent dehydration before it happens. Prevention, after […]

Fujitsu car navigation system helps you find your car
Have you ever gotten stuck in a situation where were unable to remember for the life of you, just where you managed to park your vehicle? Fujitsu intends to help you out if you happen to have an iPhone, that is, where their car navigation system that is stored on an SD memory card will be able to use your iPhone to guide you to exactly where you last parked […]

Updated Apple Store iPhone app lets you purchase build to order Macs
There is just something about a customized computer, as you tend to have a special attachment to it due to the fact that it is more “special” in a sense compared to what’s offered on the market. Of course, that would mean forking out more money for it in the process (most of the time that is the rule of thumb anyways), but isn’t it well worth every penny spent? […]

Mobli iPhone lets you share experiences with others over photos and videos with text
You can’t deny the fact that we humans are social creatures at heart, so to communicate with one another over a different platform other than face-to-face meetings is always more welcome than an infrequent letter, and is better than nothing. With the advent of smartphones and social networking, the explosive growth of online communications wherever you are is augmented. Mobli wants to catch this wave, where it offers a “real-time […]

App optimizes data caps for smartphone
For those of you who think that you are more or less maxing out your data usage on the smartphone or iPad, and wish that something (positive) could be done about the situation, fret not – there is help coming your way. We are talking about an app known as Onavo, where it will be made available on both the iPhone and iPad platforms, double or perhaps even triple your […]