If you want to see an impressive display of completely automated robots working together to solve a problem, you’re in luck. Professor Marco Dorigo and his team of researchers have recently released a video showing off The Swarmanoid project – a group of robots that can work together to complete its tasks. Made up of three robots – the foot-bot, the hand-bot, and the eye-bot; each one has a specialized role that is essential in the whole process.

The foot-bot helps to transport other robots like the hand-bot, and works as guiding posts, while the hand-bot is used to climb objects and carry things. The eye-bot is a special flying robot that is used to scout out a location, and observe the whole operation while in mid-air. In the award winning Swamanoids video demonstration, we see the robots work together to retrieve a book from a shelf.

The creators of the robots hope to the Swarmanoid technology being used in robots of the future for search and rescue missions in hazardous areas, so there’s no need to endanger additional human life. Check out the entertaining video demonstration, and find out more about the project.

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