PAL Robotics, in collaboration with the Open Dynamic Robot Initiative, is making the SOLO 12 Advanced Quadruped Platform available for purchase, aiming to revolutionize robotics education and research accessibility by offering an affordable solution for students and researchers.

The SOLO 12 platform tries to address the demand for an adaptable and budget-friendly research tool, giving educational institutions a way to optimize resources by deploying multiple robots per student to foster a global community of learning and innovation.

With a modular design, the quadruped robot simplifies assembly and facilitates future upgrades catering to institutions with budget constraints, startups, SMEs, and smaller research facilities, enabling them to engage in advanced research and development.

According to the company, the SOLO 12 robot is able to balance lightweight construction with dynamic capabilities — even weighing only 2.5 kg with four legs, it is able to boast an interesting power-to-weight ratio, achieved through 12 identical actuator modules and sensor-equipped lower legs.

DIY Experience Available

While individual 3D-printed components are an option, PAL Robotics streamlines the process by offering fully assembled SOLO 12 robots and comprehensive kits. These kits encompass all necessary components, providing a convenient solution for users seeking a do-it-yourself experience.

The inception of the SOLO project dates back to 2016, conceived by Ludovic Righetti, Felix Grimminger, and Alexander Badri-Spröwitz from the Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems. It emerged from the need for accessible advanced robotic platforms for educational purposes. Subsequent funding, including support from Righetti and the U.S. National Science Foundation, has propelled its development.

Different Applications

The robot’s applications are diverse, encompassing animal-inspired movement, versatile locomotion across various terrains, reinforcement learning for intricate behaviors, dynamic locomotion, environment manipulation, and advanced communication technology integration.

PAL Robotics is offering the product in two options: the SOLO 12 KIT (for those seeking hands-on experience) and the fully assembled SOLO 12 robots, for immediate deployment. Prices were still not disclosed. For more information visit the official website, where users can fill out a form and request for more info.

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