When you mention Tokyoflash, surely your mind would conjure up images of some really interesting watch designs that more often than not, require some sort of mental calculations before you can tell just what time it is. Well, Tokyoflash is back with their latest timepiece known as the Kisai 3D Unlimited. Interestingly enough, this model looks simple compared to the rest of its brethren, sporting a cube-like “3D” time display. At least the mirrored LCD shows the time as it is without having you to crack your brains to figure it out.

The Tokyoflash Kisai 3D Unlimited will ship with a stainless steel design, where the case measures a mere 8.5mm thin, complete with a fully adjustable strap which is more or less capable of snugly hugging your lady friend’s super tiny wrist if it must.

There are seven colors to choose from for this timepiece, and irregardless of your choice, it will cost you around $120 a pop.

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