quasarTokyoflash is a company that is well known for its range of interesting looking watches in the past, where we have seen the likes of a Kisai Maru Wooden, a Kisai Neutron, as well as a Kisai Blade that tells the time using LEDs. This time around, there is another “masterpiece” from Tokyoflash that will be known as the Kisai Quasar. The Kisai Quasar is special because it arrives in the form of a hexagonal-themed timepiece which was originally submitted by a certain László Scheffer, who happens to be a huge fan of what Tokyoflash has done.

The kind of geometry which has been echoed in the watch face of the Kisai Quasar will definitely be extremely appealing to those who are more geekily inclined. Of course, just in case you do not have the kind of smarts or simply are not too bothered about how you will read the timepiece, there is a simplified mode which will show the numbers to represent the correct time. The Kisai Quasar will arrive in silver or black shades, where it will retail for $109 temporarily, after that the promotional price will end with a $149 price point. Thank the heavens for a simplified mode, don’t you think so?

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