tokyoflash-kisai-console-woodThe folks over at Tokyoflash are extremely famous for their range of timepieces that sometimes, do require plenty of brain power in order to decipher the particular time. Of course, some of us would want a simple analog or digital timepiece so that we are able to know just what time it is at that particular moment with but a glance, instead of having to use our brains any more than we need to. This time around, we have the 2011 version of the Kisai Console watch getting a makeover, where it will now feature a wooden touch. The new 2013 Kisai Console watch will come with the original watchface from 2011 which still resembles that of a futuristic looking control panel, with the only difference being that of its steel case as well as strap having been replaced by a handcrafted sandalwood bracelet in either red that is accompanied by green LEDs, or in a hue of an extremely dark brown that will feature green or blue watchfaces.

Assuming you do not mind wearing one of these puppies, it will cost you $109 a pop as part of a promotional price, at least until this coming November 14th. Any takers so far? There aren’t too many days before time runs out and you will have to pay more afterwards.

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