kisai-bladeLEDs seem to lead the way in decorating things these days – from smartphones to the “angry daytime running lights” that we see in vehicles to traffic lights, they are cost effective and yet bright enough to get the job done compared to conventional bulbs. How about using LEDs to tell the time instead? This is what TokyoFlash has decided to do, with their latest TokyoFlash Kisai Blade which is inspired in its design by the aviation industry, boasting of a custom-made turbine-style lens, while relying on tube LEDs which will rotate in the manner of that of an airplane propeller in order for you, the wearer, to be able to tell the current time.

The LEDs will operate in a trio of modes, where “Turning” will rely on a constant cycle in order to light up hours and minutes, while “Animation” will transform your wrist into a rave (minus the booze as well as pills, of course), sporting a constantly spinning diodes. A USB-rechargeable battery will power the TokyoFlash Kisai Blade timepiece, and they are able to go for a month before requiring a charge. To wear this particular bad boy around your wrist, it will cost you $159 a pop, although it is right now on promotion with a launch price of $139 – albeit for a limited time only.

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