kisai-maru-woodNormally, when it comes to timepieces, most of us would eventually arrive at a point in our lives where we splurge a wee bit of dough that will certainly go some way in making ourselves look good in front of the mirror. In such cases, the watch would be made out of stainless steel and other precious metals, with those who have deeper pockets featuring precious gems embedded within to boot. Having said that, Tokyoflash has churned out weird looking timepieces in the past that does require a fair amount of brain power in deciphering the current time. Their latest effort arrives in the form of the Maru, which happens to look a whole lot more natural.

Bear in mind that the inner facing-hand would still let you know what hour it is, while the outward pointing-hand is associated with the current minute. The Maru will not be powered by termites running on a treadmill within, but will instead continue to rely on a standard battery. While it might feature a wooden band and case, there are still metal bits and pieces within. Those who are interested can pick up the Tokyoflash Maru for $99 a pop, which is a promotional price for the next couple of days. [Product Page]

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