Despite all the conveniences that our gadgets bring to our lives nowadays, the fact remains that whenever we receive a text message or email or want to check our stocks or Facebook, we still need to reach into our pockets or handbags to get our phones. While tablets can achieve that on a bigger screen, it’s just not as portable. While wearable devices like the iPod Nano aren’t exactly new, WIMM Labs is hoping to change that with their wearable platform which is a 1” by 1” Module.

Previously when it came to wearable gadgets, they seem to be limited to watches or armbands but WIMM Labs plans to introduce the Module in a variety of consumer products such as keychains, necklaces or even detachable displays that can be attached to your bicycle. Through the use of what they’re calling “micro apps”, the Module will be able to perform tasks such as a heart rate monitor or be a notification center that displays alerts whenever you receive an email or text message. It could even double as a mobile payment device as well.

It will be Android-based and will feature a 1.4-inch capacitive touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, magnetometer, accelerometer and it supposedly will be waterproof too. Unfortunately the device is not being marketed directly to consumers, but instead WIMM Labs has partnerships with manufacturers who may be putting out WIMM-powered devices by the end of the year.

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