Windows 8 ExplorerIt looks like Microsoft is really working hard when it comes creating Windows 8. Using a lot of information collected from survey results, the company is really trying to figure out what and how consumers use Windows in order to improve the operating system’s user experience. According to one of their surveys – out of the 200 commands available in Windows Explorer, a high percentage of users only use the same few commands in the top 10.

With that in mind, Microsoft redesigned Windows Explorer with a new interface, making sure that those top 10 commands are easily accessible from the same screen without users having to hunt them down. Taking cues from Microsoft Office’s current UI, they’ve adopted the ribbon interface for the new Windows Explorer. The ribbon UI lets users have loads of additional features that previously required third party add-ons, it allows shortcuts for every action in the ribbon, and gives users a high level of customization.

As a user of keyboard shortcuts (I rarely do any clicking if I know the hotkey to accomplish it) I can’t say this will affect me very much, but for a majority of users who still rely on clicking, the ribbon UI for Windows Explorer could be a huge improvement. Are you a fan of the ribbon interface? Check out a video about the improvement:

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