Adidas’ Adizero f50 has undergone a revamp – where it also picked up another gram in weight, but the amount of features that comes with that extra gram is well worth its weight, can I say, even in gold. Director of miCoach at Adidas, Simon Drabble, described the new f50 boots as “the next generation of football innovation”. What went into the boot is a micro-chip known as the miCoach Speed Cell, where it will be slotted right under the sock-liner in a strategic position so that performance of insanely paid footballers will not be affected negatively.

Dubbed as “the world’s first boot with a brain”, the f50 is smart enough to track your performance during a match, doing 360-degree movement instead of relying on just gathering linear action data. All the collected data concerning speed and distance will be crunched using the Speed Cell software, where the statistician in you will be pleased to find out details of your performance such as the average speed, distance covered, time spent walking, and the number of sprints amongst others.

Adidas goes wireless with the f50 since it will ‘talk’ to a computer via a wireless USB dongle, and if you’re interested in upping the ante in your football game (soccer for those living in the US), the Adizero f50 powered by miCoach will arrive this November for €245, where that will net you the Speed Cell and dongle as well.

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