Sneakers have been a pretty hot commodity over the years and that hasn’t changed in recent times. In fact sneakers these days are starting to get so exclusive to the point where around the world, we have heard stories of people getting into fights and brawling on the streets over them.

The good news is that if you are a sneakerhead or wouldn’t mind copping a pair of exclusive sneakers from Adidas, you’ll be pleased to learn that Adidas has announced that customers will soon be able to reserve their kicks through its main app. Prior to this, customers who wanted to reserve a pair of sneakers had to do so through the Confirmed app, which really served no point except to reserve sneakers.

However last year Adidas launched a brand new mobile shopping app where it was hinted that sneaker reserves could soon be coming to the main app. However like we said, it has since been confirmed to be the case as users of the Confirmed app are seeing messages in which Adidas is informing customers that the reservation feature will be moved to the Adidas app in the coming weeks.

This means that users who’d rather not download a separate app or who did not know about the Confirmed app will now be able to make their reservations and do all their shopping within the main app itself.

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