Adidas Will Soon Let Sneakerheads Reserve Sneakers On The App

Sneakers have been a pretty hot commodity over the years and that hasn’t changed in recent times. In fact sneakers these days are starting to get so exclusive to the point where around the world, we have heard stories of people getting into fights and brawling on the streets over them.

Fitbit Ionic: adidas Edition Smartwatch Launched

When Apple launched the Apple Watch, they managed to partner up with Nike where they also released the Apple Watch Nike+, which is essentially the Apple Watch with a special Nike band and some software features. It looks like Fitbit has since done the same, except with Nike’s competitor Adidas.

Adidas Shifting Focus From Wearable Tech

The wearable market is a tough one to track and Adidas is one of the many companies that have come to that realization. Adidas is shutting down its digital sports organization and it’s also shaking up what remains of its digital efforts. Adidas will basically not be developing wearable hardware but it’s going to create digital experiences nonetheless.

Adidas Launches A New Mobile Shopping App

Shopping apps are a dime a dozen, and pretty much any retailer worth their salt will have an app of sorts that will allow shoppers to shop using their mobile devices. However for some reason and despite seemingly eagerly embracing new technologies, Adidas has lacked a mobile shopping app of their own.


Adidas ‘All Day’ Fitness App Is Now Available For Download

While Adidas might be primarily seen as a company that makes casual and sports shoes, the company’s interest in technology has been pretty obvious. For example back in the day with the iPod, companies such as Adidas and Nike launched sensors that could be embedded in compatible shoes to help measure things like the wearer’s stride.

Adidas Introduces More Shoes Partially Made Out Of Ocean Plastic

Plastic floating about in our oceans has been a problem and is still a problem today. However as far as Adidas is concerned, they are looking to do their part for the environment. You might recall that the company had previously started to produce shoes made out of ocean plastic, and it looks like they’ll be continuing that practice this year with their UltraBOOST shoes.

Adidas Unveils Futurecraft 4D Shoe Made With 3D Printing

Shoes right now come in a variety of generic sizes in which for some who are lucky, fit like a glove. For others who aren’t so lucky, they might have to wear a size up or down and pad it with socks to get a good fit. This is where 3D printing comes in handy where shoes could be produced to fit the feet of the wearer precisely.

Adidas Launches Its ‘All Day’ Fitness App

Adidas is a company known for their sport and casual wear, but it looks like the company is expanding their offerings as they have recently launched an app called “All Day” which is basically a fitness app that is aimed at women. The app is currently in beta and is set for a release this coming summer where it will be available on iOS and Android.

3D Printed Adidas Shoes Can Be Yours For $333

The concept of 3D printing shoes isn’t new. After all if shoes could be made to fit the feet of customers specifically, like a tailored shirt or pants, and done in an efficient manner, why not? Adidas has attempted 3D printed shoes in the past, like earlier this year where they created special 3D printed shoes for athletes who won medals during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Adidas To Start Mass Producing Shoes Made Out Of Ocean Plastic

It seems that the more advanced we get, the greater we seem to pollute. However adidas is hoping to do its part for the environment as they have teamed up with Parley for the adidas x Parley Uncage Ultra Boost shoes that will have its silhouette primarily made out of ocean plastic.

Adidas Chameleon Fitness Tracker Reportedly Coming Next Year

Adidas may be giving up on GPS running watches but it doesn’t seem to be exiting the wearable device market completely. According to a new report, Adidas is working on a new lifestyle tracking wearable device called Chameleon which will be coupled with a new health and activity tracking app called All Day. Both the wearable device and the app are said to arrive next year.

Adidas Giving Olympic Athletes 3D Printed Sneakers

We’ve seen 3D printed motorcycles, 3D printed body parts, so really the notion of 3D printed shoes shouldn’t really come as a surprise. Imagine being able to walk into a shoe store and get a pair of sneakers that fit you just right, wouldn’t that be a dream? Now Adidas has in the past dabbled in 3D printed sneakers, but they’re taking it to the next level now.

New Adidas Shoe Factory In The U.S. Will Be Staffed By Robots

Adidas has announced today that it’s going to open up a new shoe-making factory in the United States next year. That’s all well and good, but you may feel ambivalent about the workers that Adidas will be staffing the factory with. Turns out, the new Adidas shoe factory in the Atlanta area is going to be staffed by robots so it would do much in the way of creating countless […]

Adidas Fit Smart Updated With Activity Tracking Capabilities

Last year Adidas launched the miCoach Fit Smart wearable. For the most part, the Fit Smart is like most fitness trackers where it can track your calories, heart rate, distance, pace, and more. However if you’d like to be able to do more with your Fit Smart, you might be pleased to learn that Adidas has recently issued an update for it. According to Adidas, the update is being sent […]