AMD A4-3300 and A4-3400 APUs IntroducedAMD has just launched two Accelerated Processing Units*(APUs)  in the entry-level segment. This new addition to the AMD line-up will allow AMD customers (PC manufacturers) to build more affordable systems that are still fairly capable in terms of gaming and HD video. Additionally, these system can also work hand in hand with a more powerful discrete graphics processor to aggregate the computing power of both chips.To give you some perspective, The A4 chips are powered by two CPU cores, while the A6 Chips have three and the A8 have 4 cores. On the graphics processing side (GPU), the A4 has about half the raw horsepower of the A6, with 160 graphics core versus 320. They are all capable of running DirectX 11 graphics.

The AMD A4-3300 runs at 2.5GHz/440Mhz (CPU/GPU) while and the A4-3400 runs at 2.7GHz/600MHz. They cost $70 and $75 respectively, and if you ask me, that’s a big difference in graphics performance for $5.

* Accelerated Processing Units are chips that integrate one or many Central Processing Units (CPUs) and one graphics processing unit (GPU) which is itself composed of hundreds of small computing cores. APU is a term that is specific to AMD.

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