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AMD A-Series Processor Gen7 Launched
At Computex 2016, AMD has just launched its latest A-Series PC processors with integrated graphics. Known under the codename “Bristol Ridge”, the new line of products has been designed with a TDP (thermal design point) of 15W and tuned to deliver a much higher performance than previous generations (there’s a 35W version too). In fact, AMD has been pointing out that it made a 56% CPU performance improvement since 2014 […]

ARM Cortex A73 CPU Core To Power 2017 Mobiles
Alongside its Mali G71 GPU design, ARM is also introducing the ARM Cortex A73, a new CPU core design to be used for premium SoC designs in 2017. At the core of this new design is the continuous drive to obtain higher performance per Watt, and a higher absolute peak performance.

Intel Readies 13W CPUs, Dives Deeper in Low-Power Territory
Not so long ago, mobile processors from Intel had thermal design points (TDP) of 45W. TDP designates the energy that the chip and its cooling system are designed to dissipate. It is not really a measure of power draw, but both are correlated because dissipating more heat, means that more energy is consumed to produce that heat.

Wii U developers already complaining about underperforming CPU
Nintendo’s consoles aren’t known for raw performance, and the upcoming Wii U won’t change that. But Akihiro Suzuki, developer of the popular–and graphically intense–Dynasty Warriors, has already started to complain about what he considers an underpowered CPU:“One of the weaknesses of the Wii U compared to PS3 and Xbox 360 is the CPU power is a little bit less. So for games in the Warriors series, including Dynasty Warriors and […]


Ivy and Sandy overclocked, Sandy Bridge ends up cooler
We’re dying to test some of the world’s fastest and most powerful processors. Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge are definitely on our list. So when we got the report that both chips have just been tested and overclocked until they burned, we were highly thrilled. Tech Report did some crazy overclocking in their labs using the Sandy Bridge Core i7-2600K and the Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770K – both powerful chips.Both […]

China's Unified CPU Architecture, Why and When
Part of the web was buzzing about the fact that China’s ministry of technology  is trying to define a ‘unified” processor architecture, based either on an existing platform, or a new one. By “processor architecture”, we mean “instruction set architecture” or (ISA), like X86 is for Intel. The instruction set is basically “opcodes” (or operation code, which are the most basic machine-instructions), that will be understood and executed by processors. […]

Intel Xeon E5 features ultra-fast IO and (much) increased power-efficiency
[CeBIT 2012] Intel has announced its Intel Xeon E5 server processor (CPU), an 8-core monster that is (mostly) based on the same chip design than the Sandy Bridge processor which is already in use in mainstream and business computers. The most noticeable difference is the presence of 8-cores, where 6 is the maximum number of cores in previous products. Just like other Sandy Bridge chips, the Xeon E5-2600 supports Intel […]

Intel performance tuning protection plan has your (overclocker's) back
Intel has just announced a Tuning Protection Plan for its K-series processors (CPUs), As you may know, Intel is selling a number of processors that are “unlocked” (the K-series), which means that the CPUs can go (way) beyond their original specifications. This is called “overclocking”. Of course, there is always a possibility that an overzealous overclocker could fry a chip by pushing it too far, without proper thermal controls. Although […]

Intel Shows 50 Cores Chip, wows to break Exaflop barrier
While Intel has talked about its Many Integrated Core (MIC) architecture for some time, it has shown its 50 Cores chip for the first time today at the SC11 supercomputing conference. Codenamed Knights Corner, many 50-core chips will work as co-processors for many Intel Xeon E5 processor CPUs. Intel mentioned that the University of Texas is building a 10 petaflop (a measure of computational speed) computer with such a mix. […]

Intel Core i7 3960X Sandy Bridge-E Preview
Intel Core i7 3960X - It is best used with applications that rely heavily on multi-core to scale performance...

AMD Opteron 6200 CPU Has 16 Cores
By launching its 16-Core Opteron processor, AMD makes history. It introduces the first 16-Core CPU running on the X86 micro-architecture. Based on the most recent AMD core design called “Bulldozer”, the Opteron 6200 is expected to run 25%-30% faster than its predecessor, which has 12 Cores. Those official numbers should be accurate if Opteron 6200 works on a task that lends itself to using multiple cores.Fortunately, this processor is designed […]

ARM Cortex A15, Alive
This video (courtesy of shows an ARM Cortex 15MP reference design chip running a build of Android. A reference design chip is built just to test (and prove) that the chip design works as advertised. ARM will then sell this design to silicon vendors, who will build the final processors used in smartphones and tablet. For more information about systems on a chip, head to our SoC post.

Samsung to continue supplying A6 chips for Apple?
Samsung and Apple aren’t on the best of terms, but this is probably something many are familiar with already, and what with Apple winning injunctions against Samsung, and Samsung having their injunctions denied, well, it doesn’t much to come to the conclusion that there is no love lost between Apple and Samsung. However despite everything that’s going on, there are reports that suggest that Samsung will still be the company […]

Intel CPUs power consumption to fall off a cliff
We attended the Intel Developer Forum’s (IDF) second keynote this morning (did you follow the live blog?), and the most important thing that you need to know is that Intel is making “low-power” its priority. Low-power is not a new theme: ever since the Pentium 4 got shelved, power efficiency has become increasingly important. However, the pressure from mobile platforms, the rise of non-Intel tablets and the arrival of Windows […]

Intel CPU running on solar energy
[IDF 2011] Earlier today, Intel showed us a computer processor (CPU) that was running on solar energy from a single small solar cell. Although Intel didn’t provide the specific voltage numbers, it’s not hard to imagine that a solar cell can only generate very little energy. Anyone who has tried to charge a smartphone (or even an AAA battery) with solar energy knows this all too well.

AMD A4-3300 and A4-3400 APUs Introduced
AMD has just launched two Accelerated Processing Units*(APUs)  in the entry-level segment. This new addition to the AMD line-up will allow AMD customers (PC manufacturers) to build more affordable systems that are still fairly capable in terms of gaming and HD video. Additionally, these system can also work hand in hand with a more powerful discrete graphics processor to aggregate the computing power of both chips.

AMD C-Series and E-Series APU Update
AMD has announced that it has updated its line of Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) with new version of its Series C and Series E processors. This update is targeting a wide array of computer ranging from ultrathin laptops to desktop computers.Among the improvements, AMD says that it has improved the graphics and system memory performance. It also supports Display Port ++, a variant of the DisplayPort technology that is compatible […]

IBM First Synaptic Chip Tries To Mimic Human Brain
Backed by U.S Defense funding, IBM has recently announced the world’s first “synaptic” processor project: it’s a chip that which mimics the human brain architecture. The company calls this an unprecedented progress in building a machine that will (try to) learn, and understand – two things that computers have not been so great at so far.In theory, the IBM chip is capable of re-wiring itself (like our brains) to adapt to certain situations […]

AMD A-Series Processor: Just Launched
AMD  has just announced its A-Series of Accelerated Processing Units (APU), which is a quad-core* X86 processor (CPU) with a discrete-class graphics processor (GPU) in the same chip. The A-Series aims at competing with Intel in the entry-level market by providing additional horsepower, mainly thanks to its higher-performance graphics and quad-core processors. *Note: the A4 is dual-core, while the A6 and A8 are quad-core chips.To make a long story short, […]

New Xbox 360 SoC reduces its power consumption, keeps it cooler (Updated)
In a rather quiet move, Microsoft announced that new Xbox 360 (slim) consoles will come with a new System on a Chip that will bundle the CPU, GPU, system memory and I/O logic on a single slice of silicon. The advantages to the new design that supposedly took five years to produce will mean new Xbox 360s will be quieter, have an even smaller power brick and generate less heat […]