Drinking (alcohol) and driving do not mix, and another element that does not jive with driving includes speaking on your phone or checking up on emails, text messages and social network updates. BMW intends to safeguard the driver and occupants from any mishaps by working with text-to-speech specialists Nuance so that you can keep abreast of what’s happening to your social networks without having to divide your eye’s attention equally between the phone’s screen and the road.

Nuance will power the voice technologies behind BMW’s latest ConnectedDrive system, where it is capable of reading out status and news updates from the social networks of your choice – including Facebook and Twitter. If you’re like me, it wouldn’t matter because I can’t afford a BMW in the first place, while my Facebook account gets an average of one news update per day. I’m sure I am the exception to the rule, so BMW ConnectedDrive has a good thing going on here with 14 different languages to choose from.

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