[Concept] Sling Shot Camera won’t take pleasant photos

Sling Shot Camera

Love to shoot photographs of your friends cowering in fear, but you can never scare them and pull out the camera in time to capture their expressions? Well, this concept camera from designers Sung Young Um and Jung Eun Yim should help solve that problem. Called the Sling Shot Camera, it is specifically designed for the aforementioned purpose. This digital camera is shaped like a sling shot, and is triggered when the elastic band is pulled.

By the time people realize that you don’t have a real sling shot in your hands, it will be too late, and you’ll have their shocked expression caught on your camera (which you’ll no doubt share with your all friends on your social networks). The Sling Shot Camera even has two flash lights which means it can even be used in the dark. The bottom of the camera has a USB port for image transferring purposes. No word on whether the concept will ever get turned into a real gadget, but it definitely be a real fun camera to bring to parties. More pictures at the source link.

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