Cowon iAudio 10 spotted

Nice to know that the Cowon iAudio 10 is no longer vaporware, but is a real deal that is ready and waiting to be unleashed upon the masses. Sure, you can get all excited about this portable media player (PMP), if you were to turn the clock back by a decade, that is. After all, who carries a PMP these days, especially when your smartphone device is able to do what the PMP can, and more?

Still, Cowon is not one to give up, and the iAudio i10 will feature some design cues from the S9, such as a curved back plate, alongside a look that some might say is somewhat similar to the C2. It will retain a touch control interface that did not really take off, so I do wonder whether Cowon engineers do take note of customers’ grouses. Apart from that, the lack of an SD memory card slot is certainly a sore point in this day and age, but good thing that is offset to a certain extent by Cowon throwing in 32GB of storage space.

Other hardware specifications include a 3″ 240 × 320 resolution display at 4:3 aspect ratio, relying on TFT technology, an 38 hours of battery life for audio playback (on paper) and 6.5 hours where video is concerned. No idea on pricing though.

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