cowon-d20The dedicated MP3 player can be said to have gone all but extinct, especially when you consider that folks these days prefer to carry all of their favorite tunes on a single smartphone (which is more than capable of just playing back your MP3 files, as those do video, too). Well, word has it that Cowon holds out a flicker of hope for the dedicated MP3 player by introducing the Cowon D20, which is a device that offers up to 90 hours of non-stop audio playback.

Oh yeah, we forgot to add, it does video playback too, and we are talking about 13 hours of juice here, which means you can watch the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy without having to charge it up. Too bad the display is nothing much to shout about, being a 2.5-inch, 320 x 240 resistive touchscreen, and has the internal memory of 8GB to 32GB, which can be further augmented via an SD memory card slot. I guess most folks would sacrifice battery life for a larger and higher resolution display, but with pricing details that hover between $125 and $178, depending on capacity, it ain’t too shabby a deal if you are looking for a long distance runner.

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