Well, the Cowon X9 is said to upgrade itself from the Cowon X7 which was released last year, where it will feature built-in flash memory to get you started right out of the box without the need for a hard drive. After all, hard drives do come with moving parts inside, so if it were to go through bumps and knocks while traveling, there is always a chance of the hard drive needle crashing and causing all your data inside to go belly up. Bluetooth connectivity is not part of the deal, but you do get a microSD memory card, with up to 32GB of storage space, a relatively poor screen resolution of 480 × 272 pixels in this day and age with a 4.3″ screen size.

Other tactile buttons include Fast Forward, Rewind, and Skip, making the X9 a far superior portable media player compared to its predecessor, the X7, where that model came with a unified menu/play/pause and a pair of volume buttons. Cowon touts a battery life of up to 110 hours for audio and 13 hours for video, where a proprietary USB connector is also thrown into the mix. I would say the Cowon X9 does not have much of a future in this day and age.

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