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Cowon iAUDIO 9+ Portable Media Player
Cowon is back in the portable media player game with the Cowon iAudio 9+

Cowon D20 Offers 90 Hours Of Non-Stop Music
The dedicated MP3 player can be said to have gone all but extinct, especially when you consider that folks these days prefer to carry all of their favorite tunes on a single smartphone (which is more than capable of just playing back your MP3 files, as those do video, too). Well, word has it that Cowon holds out a flicker of hope for the dedicated MP3 player by introducing the […]

Cowon X9 begins to ship
I guess you can more or less say that with the introduction of more and more powerful smartphones arriving in the mass market, the need for a dedicated portable media player has diminished – especially when the visual real estate of such smartphones end up larger than ever before – 4″ and above. Well, if you happen to have a soft spot for a dedicated portable media player, you might […]

Could the Cowon X9 be a super portable media player?
Well, the Cowon X9 is said to upgrade itself from the Cowon X7 which was released last year, where it will feature built-in flash memory to get you started right out of the box without the need for a hard drive. After all, hard drives do come with moving parts inside, so if it were to go through bumps and knocks while traveling, there is always a chance of the […]


Cowon unveils Z2 Plenue portable media player
As far as portable media players go, there are a good many of us who have been brainwashed into associating MP3 players with Apple’s series of iPods. However there are other media players available in the market, such as Microsoft’s Zune and Cowon, a South Korean company who has recently expanded their line of portable media players with the Z2 Plenue, an Android based portable media player that might prove […]

Cowon Z2 media player hits the FCC
Looking for a new portable media player on the market that isn’t the iPod touch? Cowon has got a new player that could be what you’re looking for. It’s been reported that the Cowon Z2 media player has recently earned its stamp of approval from the FCC. While there weren’t many details released about the player, it does look pretty sweet, judging by a photograph of its rear. The player […]

Cowon iAudio 10 ready to ship
I would have thought that companies other than Apple would have given up the portable media player fight already, considering how Apple’s lead in that department is set to remain unchallenged in the near, undefinite future – but that does not mean some players are about to throw in the towel. Korean-based Cowon, for example, has just announced that they will be shipping the Cowon iAudio 10 Stateside from today […]

Cowon iAudio 10 spotted
Nice to know that the Cowon iAudio 10 is no longer vaporware, but is a real deal that is ready and waiting to be unleashed upon the masses. Sure, you can get all excited about this portable media player (PMP), if you were to turn the clock back by a decade, that is. After all, who carries a PMP these days, especially when your smartphone device is able to do […]

Cowon D3 finally receives Android 2.3 Gingerbread update
Cowon’s D3 portable media player has finally been updated to reach Android 2.3 Gingerbread, helping it keep up its pace with the rest of the Android-powered devices in the market at the moment. This is interesting as the D3 has long remained in Android 2.1 Eclair territory, so if you still rock to a Cowon D3, then this is the update for you after patiently waiting for the longest time. […]

Cowon C2 portable media player
The Cowon C2 portable media player takes on a cute form factor, where it does seem to resemble that of an oversized keyboard button, although the display maxes out at just 2.6″. Being a resistive touchscreen display that has a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, you will get TV-out with this puppy, accompanied by a microSD memory card slot, DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting), a USB port and a choice […]

Cowon D3 hacked to get Android Market running
OK, so the Cowon D3 isn’t exactly the best portable media player to own out there, and neither is it the most popular, but then again that doesn’t mean there are folks out there who think that it is suitable for their needs. Someone has managed to hack the Cowon D3 to make it compatible with Android Market, and you can get the full installation instructions over at the iAudiophile […]

Cowon V5S portable media player arrives in South Korea
When people talk about Korea, most of the time they refer it to the southern part, as that is where all the consumer electronics action is at. As for the north, apart from a formidable army as well as intercontinental ballistic missiles and perhaps, just perhaps, a nuclear bomb or two, all the news from there aren’t too encouraging. Politics aside, we see Cowon introduce their V5S portable media player […]

Cowon D3 Plenue portable media player
Cowon intends to light up the portable media player market with the Cowon D3 Plenue, where this device will run off the Android 2.1 operating system, boasting a 3.7-inch WVGA AMOLED display that will work in tandem with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, USB support, a T-DMB TV tuner as well as playing nice with full HD video content without missing a beat – now that is a testament to its […]

Cowon X7 portable media player goes official in Korea
Cowon’s X7 portable media player might have made it to Korea at the moment, but don’t rule it out from appearing Stateside especially since the device already jumped through the hoops of the FCC prior to this day. What does the X7 offer that might just entice you to part with your hard earned money? Well, we’re looking at a 4.3-inch touchscreen display, a pretty large 160GB hard drive, and […]