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As we all know, Facebook is rife with links that lead unsuspecting users into downloading malware or running apps that spam the walls of everyone in their friends list, which in turn do the same to the friends of those friends. Well most of the time there’s really no way to tell if a link is legit or not without clicking on them, F-Secure has decided to come up with an app to solve the problem.

Called ShareSafe, this Facebook app will make sure that you’re not simply clicking any harmful or bad links that pop up on Facebook. All users have to do is run the Facebook app, scan it by pasting the URL in the entry box. After a link is scanned and then approved, you can check it out yourself, or post it on your wall to share. The app can also automatically scan your wall for any links, which is useful if your Facebook wall is cluttered.

In addition to just scanning links for you, ShareSafe lets you earn badges and also earn points that can be used for redeeming F-Secure products. This way you keep your profile safe, you stop malicious links from spreading, and you earn rewards as well. The only difference is you’ll now have to perform one more step before clicking on a link. I guess it still beats spamming all your friends with malware links right? F-Secure ShareSafe Facebook page.

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