Who would have thought that a social networking site might eventually grow to cross paths with a search engine, as what we see going on between Google and Facebook? Google has since released their own social network, and both Google and Facebook are working on offering music features to their respective services. Facebook Music is said to roll out scrobbling and track unification features. Whoa – back up a minute there, you say. “Scrobbling”?

Yes sir, this term was made popular by Last.fm, and basically it means that whenever you listen to a song, said tune will be sent to your profile without having you to lift a finger. Hopefully there is a way for you to turn this off, otherwise you would be having some pretty mundane updates on your Facebook page, or at least just share your songs with certain people in your contact list. Kinda reminds me of the days when I spent plenty of time on IRC (Internet Relay Chat), and had a plug-in which showed what songs I was listening too over on Winamp at that time.

Apart from that, Facebook Music is also said to deliver content resolution between all the music partners aboard the bandwagon. Basically, if you’re enjoying Rdio and a track goes up on your profile, a MOG user is able to click on the track and hear what you’re listening to at that time. With content resolution, it will use Facebook as the platform of choice where unifying social music is concerned. Excited about Facebook Music yet?

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