RIM is not doing well in the smartphone market, a fact that has been pointed out many times in various market reports and statistics. At the moment the two platforms leading are iOS and Android, with RIM in third place although that’s on a decline. Now it seems that one of RIMs shareholders, Jaguar, thinks that the best move for RIM right now would be to sell.

Jaguar’s CEO Vic Alboni pointed out in a letter RIMs failure to inspire consumer interest and meet today’s dynamic consumer landscape. The letter also criticized RIM for pushing out rushed products (may be referring to the Blackberry Playbook) and poor third-party developer relationships. Given how the quality and quantity of apps for a particular platform can either make or break it, we can understand Jaguar’s frustrations, especially given the ever-growing number of apps found on iTunes App Store and Android Market.

Blackberry users – do you agree with Jaguar’s CEO’s sentiments, or do you think that RIM should just stick to what they’re doing now? And if RIM were to sell off their patents or its company, who do you guys think would be interested in picking them up?

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