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Jaguar Is Building An All-Electric XJ Sedan
Jaguar is getting in on the electric vehicle bandwagon as well. It has revealed plans to manufacture a range of new electrified vehicles at its plant in Bromwich, the UK. The company has committed to offering electrified options for all Jaguar and Land Rover models from 2020. It confirmed that one of the first vehicles under this plan will be an electric version of its famous XJ sedan.

Jaguar Testing Autonomous Cars That Project Where They're Going
If you’re looking at a self-driving car from the side of the road, how would you know where it’s about to go next? Naturally, you’d look at the blinkers to see if it’s going left or right, as you would if there was a human present behind the wheel. However, you might be a bit apprehensive when the car is driving on its own. Jaguar has come up with a […]

Jaguar’s Automatic Car Doors Could Help People With Disabilities
We’ve seen how there are some cars that come with doors and at a press of a button can open or close themselves. In fact over in Japan, such technology can easily be found in taxis. However Jaguar is taking things to the next level by developing a car door that can open or close itself automatically.

Jaguar To Relaunch Classic E-Type As An Electric Car
The Jaguar E-Type is a classic and iconic sports car. It’s the definition of a cool car. It captured customers’ imagination back in the ’60s and ’70s and remains a darling for collectors. If you haven’t been able to get your hands on one yet, which might prove to be difficult unless you have very deep pockets, you will be interested in finding out that Jaguar is doing a limited […]


Waymo And Jaguar Introduce A Premium Self-Driving Electric Car
Waymo, the self-driving division of Google’s parent company Alphabet, today announced the launch of the world’s first premium fully self-driving all-electric car in partnership with Jaguar called I-PACE. The car has been built for Waymo’s self-driving taxi service and it blends Jaguar’s style with Waymo’s self-driving technology.

Jaguar Unveils A Smart Steering Wheel Powered By AI
Self-driving cars are clearly on their way to becoming the future of transportation. In fact Google had earlier on envisioned what a self-driving car could look like in which it does away with the need for a steering wheel, thus relegating the occupants of the car to that of passenger and not driver.

Lyft And Jaguar Partner Up To Test Autonomous Vehicles
Car services such as Uber and Lyft are interested in self-driving technology and it’s hardly a secret. In fact Lyft has partnered up with quite a few companies such as GM and more recently, Alphabet’s Waymo. Now it looks like the company will be entering a new partnership with none other than Jaguar Land Rover.

Jaguar Now Lets Drivers Pay For Gas From Inside The Car
Do you hate having to walk all the way from your car to pay for gas after you’re done pumping? Jaguar has a solution, provided that you own one of its more recent models and live in a particular country. If those requirements are met, you can take advantage of a new feature that Jaguar is offering in collaboration with Shell. You will be able to pay for fuel at […]

Jaguar Teams Up With Tile To Prevent You From Forgetting Your Wallet
Jaguar and Tile announced a new partnership today aimed at preventing you from leaving anywhere without your wallet or other essential, personal items. Tile is a Silicon Valley-based startup that makes nifty little tags which use Bluetooth low energy and GPS technology to make it easier for people to locate objects to which they’re attached.

Jaguar’s Android Wear App Lets You Control It Remotely
Companies creating apps for smartphones to remotely control their cars with isn’t new. However controlling your car via your smartwatch is, and to date we’ve seen many companies hop on board with the idea, such as Ford and Hyundai. Joining that list is Jaguar who has recently announced the launch of their Android Wear app.

Jaguar Thinks Tesla’s Autopilot Mode Was “Very Irresponsible”
A couple of months ago, Tesla announced that Autopilot Mode would be rolling out to its vehicles. It should be noted that Autopilot is not self-driving but essentially a more souped up and complex version of cruise control, and while it does look like it’s a step towards self-driving cars, other carmakers don’t seem to be too thrilled about it.One of those carmakers is Jaguar and according to the company’s […]

Jaguar Unveils First SUV Ever
British carmaker Jaguar is a name that is more often than not associated with that of luxury, and it is then more than appropriate for them to finally keep up with the times, so to speak, through the revealing of its very first sport utility vehicle (SUV). Sister brand Land Rover has been in the SUV market for a long, long time already, but this is Jaguar’s maiden attempt with […]

Jaguar Uses NASA’s Technology To Monitor Brainwaves Of Drivers
Let’s be honest, how focused are you when you are driving? We’re sure many are guilty of not paying 100% to the road, either fiddling around with our phones, talking to other people in the car, singing along to the radio, eating, and so on. However Jaguar is hoping to introduce a new system to vehicles that can monitor your concentration levels.Dubbed Sixth Sense, this brainwave scanning technology will be […]

Jaguar Land Rover Creates An Anti-Pothole System
For those who drive and have encountered potholes, you know what a painful experience this can be. Not painful physically to you as a person, but painful knowing that your car’s tires and suspension are taking unnecessary abuse because of it. According to Jaguar Land Rover, they have estimated that potholes have caused at least £2.8 billion worth of damage in Britain alone on an annual basis.So much so that […]