Our boys in uniform who are thousands of miles away from home put their lives on the line each time they don their uniforms and perform their duty, be it something as simple as walking down the street to patrol the area, as you can never quite tell just what kind of bombs the bad guys have come up with these days. Well, good thing the brains in lab coats might have stumbled upon a new method of detecting roadside bombs as well as improvised explosive devices – thanks to a laser beam that will make molecules vibrate.

Since every molecule vibrates with a unique frequency, this allows the laser to “sense” bombs as it performs a sweep of the area from a safe distance. The efforts by a team over at the Michigan State University has resulted in this new laser sensor, where it might be able to thwart efforts by the enemy camp to cause psychological and physical blows to occupying forces by using chemical compounds that present in the environment which mask the bomb’s molecules.

The laser beam will merge short pulses which “kick” the molecules in order to have them vibrate with longer pulses – but everything else remains hush hush due to the sensitive nature of the technology.

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