Fighting on the ground these days are far different from what you see in Assassin’s Creed 3, there are plenty more equipment and gear for your average grunt to deal with, and most US soldiers do tote around special weapon sights and vision goggles so that they can have enhanced eyesight under bad weather conditions or in the darkness of night. There is a new project in the military’s research and development department that hopes to converge a myriad of such devices into a solitary “super-vision” system which they call PIXNET.

PIXNET technology will merge visible, near infrared and infrared sensors into a single clip-on device, where one attaches to their weapon sight or helmet. DARPA also hopes that soldiers will eventually be able to share what they see on their heads-up display images with other squads or platoons over a wireless network. The work on PIXNET is far from finished, as the final product needs to be lightweight, cheap, and small. It is tipped that an Android-powered smartphone will function as the “brains” of the vision device, and who knows, more apps for the smartphone for battlefield use might on the way as well.

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