Funny how the latest Motorola smartphone has been given the codename as that of luxury car marque – Maserati. Well, touted to be the fourth model in the Droid series, the Motorola Droid 4 or Droid 4G has been tipped to come with a 4″ display (or somewhere in the vicinity, I think 4.3″ would be more decent to keep up with the times), in addition to the lack of a D-pad that clearly disqualifies this as a bona fide gaming device.

It is also said that the Motorola Maserati will sport 4G LTE connectivity – the missing ingredient in the Droid 3 as some has said, apart from a removable battery being thrown into the merry mix. Apart from that, we do not have any further details concerning the Droid 4/Maserati, but with the slideout keyboard being the main meat of the device, you can be sure those who loathe virtual keyboards would whoop for joy.

Surely it won’t be priced as expensively as the car!

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