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Verizon Might Offer Droid 4 Some Jelly Bean Goodness
It was just last week when we heard on how Verizon will finally deliver the long awaited Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update to the Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX smartphones, and so we await with bated breath of whispers that there will be another handset from Motorola’s stables that will be on the receiving end of some Jelly Bean goodness, and this will be an ancient smartphone in comparison […]

Motorola Droid 4 soak test for Ice Cream Sandwich happening?
There are rumbles going on and around in the Internet that does point towards the possibility of Motorola’s Droid 4 smartphone is about to be immersed in a new software update soak test. While there is no confirmation that this particular soak test is pointing in the general direction of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, although it would be a bigger surprise if it was not confirmed to be so […]

Verizon to enable global roaming for the HTC Rezound, Droid RAZR and DROID 4?
Unfortunately due to the radios used by Verizon in some of their phones, global roaming was not a possibility. However the carrier did mention earlier this year at CES that some of their LTE devices such as the LG Spectrum and the DROID 4 would eventually become “global” phones, but according to Droid-Life’s sources, those two devices are not the only ones that the carrier will allow for global roaming. […]

Motorola Droid 4 Ice Cream Sandwich build leaked
Motorola’s Droid 4 has been  waiting for a long, long time for the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system update, but it seems as though there is no end in sight to the amount of patience required for this wait. Well, it was bound to happen in this day and age – we have a leaked build of the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Droid 4 somewhere out […]


Motorola DROID 4 overclocked to 1.4GHz
For those looking to squeeze out every last bit of performance from their devices, you’re in luck especially if you’ve gotten your hands on the recently released Motorola DROID 4 from Verizon. The device was released on the 10th of February (looks like the rumors panned out) and barely a week later, thanks to the Android developer community, the device has managed to see its processor overclocked to 1.4GHz.

Motorola Droid 4 teardown
iFixit wielded their box of merry tools, and took the Motorola Droid 4 apart. This is no mean feat, and is pretty much hard to repair all by yourself if you are the average Joe on the street, as iFixit has assigned a mere 4 out of 10 when it comes to user repairability. However, other things that are contained underneath the hood is certainly worth writing home about – […]

Motorola DROID 4 available today
A few days ago Verizon announced that the Motorola DROID 4 will be available this week, and just like it promised – the phone is available today. The Android phone featuring a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and LTE connectivity is now up for order on Verizon’s website and should be in stores as well. The DROID 4 features a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, a 4″ qHD display, 1GB of RAM, 4G LTE, […]

Motorola Droid 4 confirmed for February 10 release
The horse’s mouth has spoken – the Motorola Droid 4 will be arriving on Verizon Wireless this coming February 10, where you can pick it up from a brick and mortar store or via the online channel. First introduced at CES earlier this year, The Motorola Droid 4 is insanely thin, and will come with a dual-core 1.2GHz processor running within. Find the virtual keyboard too hard to type with? […]

Motorola Droid 4 release date pegged to February 10?
Remember the Motorola Droid 4 story that we looked at a couple of days ago? It seems that February 9 might not be the launch date after all, as PhoneArena received a hat tip in their email earlier this morning, where a screenshot pointed to a change of plans. The Droid 4 is set to be released a day after that, but at least you are aware of it now […]

Leaked Verizon MAP reveals discounted DROID 4, Droid RAZR and Droid Bionic
We know that on-screen keyboards are not for everyone as some prefer the feeling of tactile feedback and the joy of pressing actual physical keys. Well if you’re in the market for a Android smartphone with 4G LTE support and a physical keyboard, you could have been eyeing the upcoming Motorola DROID 4 Android QWERTY keyboard slider smartphone that was unveiled during CES 2012. While the device has yet to […]

Motorola DROID 4 and DROID RAZR MAXX announced
[CES 2012] After months of rumors, leaked images and speculation, it looks like Motorola is ready to unveil its upcoming smartphones. Today on the Motorola blog, the company announced the launch of two new phones: the DROID 4 and the DROID RAZR MAXX – and the previously released DROID RAZR in purple.Not many details have been released about the devices, but we can expect to find out more in the […]

Motorola DROID 4 demo unit surfaces
Despite being unannounced, the Motorola DROID 4 has been surfacing a lot recently, with the latest spotting being in a Best Buy promotional image. Today, the folks over at Techno Buffalo managed to get their hands on a DROID 4 demo unit. While it’s not the same thing as having the real phone, it is good enough to give us a better idea about how the phone looks and feels. […]

Motorola DROID 4 render shows up on Best Buy website
In the past we’ve had unreleased phones being used as promotional material due to the carelessness of designers or folks not receiving the memo that a phone was delayed, and well it looks like it’s happened again – this time with the Motorola DROID 4. Earlier today, on Best Buy, there was a render of the upcoming Android phone being shown on its Reward Zone (the picture has now been […]

Motorola DROID 4 arriving December 22nd?
The Motorola DROID 4 was accidentally leaked before in the past, and it looks like Verizon has plans to launch the phone in the near future. According to a leaked internal document from the carrier that recently surfaced, the Motorola DROID 4 has got a release date of December 22nd, which is just a day away. However, the phone hasn’t even been officially announced by the company, so we should expect […]

Motorola DROID 4 official photos and specs leaked
The last we heard about the Motorola DROID 4 was last week when a leaked document showed the phone having the same release date as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon’s network. Now, more details about the phone have been leaked ahead of schedule, including some official pictures of the device. With reports about training for the DROID 4 commencing in some Verizon shops, it looks like the phone is […]

DROID 4 arriving the same day as the Galaxy Nexus?
The Motorola DROID 4 has yet to be officially announced by Verizon, but it looks like the phone already has a release date. Thanks to a leaked internal document showing the release date of the phone, we’ll be seeing the Motorola DROID 4 in stores on December 8th. However it looks like the DROID 4 won’t be the only phone being released on that day because if the document turns […]

Motorola Droid 4 aka Maserati will boast 4G LTE and slideout keyboard
Funny how the latest Motorola smartphone has been given the codename as that of luxury car marque – Maserati. Well, touted to be the fourth model in the Droid series, the Motorola Droid 4 or Droid 4G has been tipped to come with a 4″ display (or somewhere in the vicinity, I think 4.3″ would be more decent to keep up with the times), in addition to the lack of […]