Remote control helicopter used to attempt cellphone smuggling into prison

We guess that it’s a generally accepted rule that cellphones aren’t allowed in prison, and we’re guessing it’s for a huge variety of reasons. After all the point of prison is to serve your time and rehabilitate yourself, and not to spend all day yakking on the phone, right? So how is it that in movies and television shows, prison inmates end up with cellphones? While the movies and television shows have been scripted, it seems that in Thailand, a rather innovative and unique method of smuggling cellphones has been uncovered.

It has been reported that a remote-controlled helicopter had crashed near a prison in Ratchaburi according to the local police yesterday. The helicopter was said to have been carrying cellphones along with cellphone parts/components and millions of Thai Baht, which we’re guessing was meant to be delivered to the prison inmates. Discovered inside the shockproof box that was attached beneath the helicopter, police found seven cellphones, four satellite phones, a number of SIM cards, eight cellphone batteries and three cellphone screens.

It seems that the cellphones, SIM cards and phone parts were meant to be sold on the prison’s black market. It was reported that parts and phones were worth anywhere between 2 million to 3 million Thai Baht, but it seems on the black market, it could have easily gone for 10 million Thai Baht ($321,387).

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