If you’re a family man who has to travel around the world a lot, then surely you need an app (and probably already do) to let you know of the time zone difference so that you can call your darling and wish her goodnight whenever you climb out of bed to begin a fresh new day. Well, just in case your app crashes (you can never quite tell when Murphy might strike, right?), won’t it be more prudent to wear a watch that has dual timezones?

Tokyoflash’s Kisai Rogue Touch does just that, boasting a backlit-LED/LCD dial that sports the now familiar multi-circle format, albeit with additional layers thrown into the mix to depict yet another time zone. It tells not only the minutes and the hours, but will also show off the current date and progression of seconds.

For those who love showboating, there is also an animation mode that lets you impress your less than well-heeled mates with this $200 digital timepiece. There is a quartet of touch-sensitive hotspots that lets you access various functions such as the alarm, date and time, or just to give the display a light-up session if you’re curious to know when the drawn out movie is about to finish.

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