Operation #invadewallstreet
Remember earlier this year when we would have news about hackers taking down websites every other day? Well, the whole hacking scene seems to have hushed down quite a bit since then, until a few days ago, when two mysterious videos were posted online by someone who claimed to be a messenger of Anonymous. The videos, directed to the people and to the media talk about a proposed attack on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) website.

However, it looks like the attack has been called off, according to an update on the uploaded videos by the Anonymous messenger. Apparently Operation #invadewallstreet has been compromised by an agent named “hypotenuse” and the whole attack has been called off. Since Anonymous is anonymous, and basically there’s no way to tell if somebody is really who they claim to be, especially if they say they are or they aren’t members of the group so whatever they say is best taken with a pinch of salt.

Another thing to note is that #invadewallstreet seems to only be an attack on the NYSE website – if the site goes down, trading will still go on as usual, the taking down of the website would only hamper the efforts of traders who are looking for stock information. Maybe there’s more to it that hasn’t been made known to the public, but let’s say if the attack does get pulled off successfully, it would only prove to be a minor convenience. Check out the alleged Anonymous message to the people:

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