2014 has been a really bad year for some online services, which also means that hackers have had a great year. Initially there were some threats made before Christmas that a hack attack would be launched over the holiday and the group behind it has followed through. A Twitter account which claims to be affiliated with notorious hacker group Anonymous has leaked a massive trove of username and password credentials apart from credit card numbers.

Hacking has pretty much dominated the news cycle particularly over the past couple of weeks. There was that devastating cyberattack at Sony Pictures Entertainment, followed by DDoS attack on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live over Christmas.

The latest incident isn’t helping things. According to the Twitter account this group has released username and passwords for some 13,000 accounts on a wide variety of online services including but not limited to Amazon, Hulu Plus, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, UbiSoft, Walmart, Dell and more.

Also leaked in this hack are credit card numbers, security codes and expiration dates for those cards. The full list of companies affected by this hack has been compiled by The Daily Dot, don’t forget to immediately change your password and keep an eye on your card activity if you happen to use any of those services.

The group didn’t stop with credentials and credit card information. It even posted a link to download Sony’s controversial movie “The Interview,” which Anonymous had initially offered to release on Sony’s behalf when the studio decided to pull it due to threats from hackers.

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