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Anonymous’ War On Donald Trump Has Begun
Several days ago, Anonymous announced and openly-declared that they were going to wage a “total war” on Donald Trump, and if you were wondering if this was more bark than bite, think again. The hacker group has recently released what they are claiming is Trump’s social security number, cellphone number, along with other private information about him.

Anonymous Declares “Total War” On Donald Trump
Presidential candidate Donald Trump has been making headlines with all the controversial things he’s been saying recently. We’re not sure if he means it or it is done on purpose just to flood the media with his name, but either way we reckon it is pretty effective since pretty much what anyone is talking about these days is Trump and his controversial statements and antics.

Anonymous Announced Their Next Target: Donald Trump
The hacking collective Anonymous has not been shy when it comes to going after big fish. In the past the group has hacked targets like North Korea’s social networking websites, and recently they even attempted to cripple ISIS by targeting social media accounts that supposedly belonged to the terrorist group.Recently it would seem that Anonymous has a new target in their sights, and it is none other than Republican presidential […]

Anonymous Releases Guide On How You Can Help Hack ISIS
As many of you guys have heard by now, the hackers collective known as Anonymous has publicly declared cyberwar on ISIS following the attacks in Paris, France. So far the group has reportedly managed to get multiple social media accounts that are apparently linked to ISIS shut down, and now it looks like they want your help.To that end, the group has since released a “noob” guide on their Internet […]


Anonymous Sets Sights On ISIS
Hacking group Anonymous – one that has caused much grief to corporations in the past, has now gotten into the good books of peace loving people all over the world, as they have recently issued yet another warning against the notorious Islamic State (ISIS) terror group which has since beheaded many hostages, not to mention allegedly setting a Jordanian pilot to flames recently. In a video that was posted on […]

Thousands Of Credentials And Credit Card Numbers Leaked By Anonymous
2014 has been a really bad year for some online services, which also means that hackers have had a great year. Initially there were some threats made before Christmas that a hack attack would be launched over the holiday and the group behind it has followed through. A Twitter account which claims to be affiliated with notorious hacker group Anonymous has leaked a massive trove of username and password credentials […]

Anonymous Offers To Release "The Interview" For Sony
Following the hack on Sony Pictures and the threats made by the hackers, Sony has decided to cancel the theatrical release of the comedy “The Interview”. Recently Sony had commented saying that they’re still exploring their options on how best to distribute the movie (it seems that they aren’t backing down a second time), with Sony’s Crackle service being a rumored possibility which has since been debunked.Well it looks like […]

12 Year Old Anonymous Hacker Pleads Guilty, Was In It For Video Games
Hacker collective Anonymous has made quite a name for itself. Yes, the group that threatened to wipe the U.S. “off the cybermap,” the very same group that hacked North Korea’s Flickr and Twitter account as part of “Operation Free Korea.” That hacker collective Anonymous. According to The Toronto Sun, a 12 year old boy in Montreal has pleaded guilty to three counts of hacking in a Canadian court. During the 2012 Quebec student […]

AT&T Plans On Selling Anonymous Customer Data
AT&T has updated its privacy policy so it could possibly sell anonymous customer data.

Anonymous Threatens To Wipe U.S "Off The Cybermap"
The hacking collective Anonymous was in the news last month for “Operation Free Korea,” in which it hacked North Korea’s Flicker and Twitter account as well as launched an attack on a number of North Korean websites. Their next target isn’t some heavily sanctioned, allegedly rogue nuclear state. It’s actually the United States of America, and Anonymous is threatening to wipe it “off the cyber map.” 

Anonymous Hacks Into North Korean Websites Again
Earlier this month, Anonymous revealed they had hacked a number of North Korea’s social networks as part of their “Operation Free Korea” campaign. It looks as though the organization isn’t stopping there as they have yet again launched an attack on a number of North Korean websites, resulting in complete control over the websites.Anonymous is claiming responsibility for hacking its way into North Korean’s news and information site, which has […]

Anonymous Hacks North Korean Social Networks As Part Of 'Operation Free Korea'
We’re not sure if you’ve been keeping tabs on world news lately outside of reading about the latest Internet trends, but there’s some serious stuff going on in North Korea these days. Nearly everyone is watching to see what Kim Jong-un will do, while also preparing for the worst-case scenario at the same time. But infamous hacker group Anonymous has taken the initiative to launch a cyber attack at North […]

Anonymous Hacked
I guess there is no need for any long winded title, especially when you consider how hacker collective Anonymous have had done their bit in the past to deface several websites before. In a nutshell, what goes around, comes around, and BBC News has reported that this week saw Anonymous suffer from “an embarrassing breach, as one of its popular Twitter feeds is taken over by rival hacktivists.” The Anonymous […]

Anonymous Launches Petition To Make DDoS Attacks A Legal Form Of Protest
Anonymous has been making the Internet interesting to be on for the past couple of years as they hacked a number of services like PayPal, breached the PlayStation Network, and hacked the CIA website. Today, they’re making their voice heard through the White House’s website,, but for once, they’re not relying on hacking methods to get their point across.Anonymous have launched a petition on with the title “Make, distributed […]