The hacking collective Anonymous has not been shy when it comes to going after big fish. In the past the group has hacked targets like North Korea’s social networking websites, and recently they even attempted to cripple ISIS by targeting social media accounts that supposedly belonged to the terrorist group.

Recently it would seem that Anonymous has a new target in their sights, and it is none other than Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. To kick off their war against Trump, Anonymous posted on Twitter that they have successfully taken down the Trump Towers NY website. “Trump Towers NY site taken down as statement against racism and hatred. (what you see is cloudflare offline backup).”

So why Trump? In case you haven’t been following the news, Trump is trying to run for President and while that’s certainly in his right and capability, he has been making pretty controversial statements and speeches which many have deemed to be inappropriate and sometimes racist.

In fact following a speech in which Trump said he wanted to ban Muslims from entering the US, people in the UK launched a petition that asked the government to ban Trump from entering their country. In a video that Anonymous posted, “Donald Trump, think twice before you speak anything. You have been warned, Mr. Donald Trump.”

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