You know the drill, in certain months when you seemingly spend far more time talking on the phone than you realized, you get this shocked look on your face when your phone bill arrives. Such occurrences is definitely not recommended for those with a weak heart, but good thing your mobile carrier will soon be able to provide you with a softer landing, sending you alerts whenever you are about to go past your data, minutes or texts.

The traditional big four, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile have all agreed to a voluntary industry standard that will see these telcos send alerts to subscribers who are about to venture into international roaming zones or go beyond what they originally bargained for with their voice, text or data plans. This is definitely a good thing, as the onus is now on the subscriber to make sure he/she is aware of what’s going on, and there is no longer any need to dispute high bills after that.

It will take anything from a year to a year and a half for such a system to roll out on an official basis, which is still better than nothing. Till then, make sure you don’t over-talk!

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