Ever heard of the hearing loop before? No? Perhaps in due time, it will gain far more recognition as this technology might soon be able to revolutionize the way hearing aids work. The user needs not wear a pair of special headphones or earpiece, since words and music (from lets say, a performance) can be transmitted over to a wireless receiver in a hearing aid. Already widely adopted in Northern Europe, hearing loop technology could possibly change many peoples’ lives when installed across a myriad of public spaces such as in stores, banks, museums, and subway stations amongst others.


The hearing loop will normally be installed on the floor around the periphery of a room, where it comprises of a thin strand of copper wire that radiates electromagnetic signals which can then be picked up by a tiny receiver that is already built into most hearing aids and cochlear implants. The moment the receiver is turned on, the hearing aid receives only the sounds coming straight from a microphone – effectively removing all the background clatter and noise.

Not exactly the newest technology around, but at least it is gaining recognition and a country-wide implementation would definitely change the way hard of hearing people live their lives – for the better, I might add.

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