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ZPower Offers Rechargeable Solution For Hearing Aids
ZPower knows that despite of all the advances made in the world of hearing aids, there is always room for improvement, which is why they have stepped forward to offer a rechargeable solution for hearing aids, and this development is set to happen at the upcoming JDVAC Conference. The company has a proud history, being the first developer of rechargeable, silver-zinc batteries for hearing aids, and they intend to showcase […]

Nanoplug Hearing Aid Is Close to Invisible
Hearing aids used to carry a sense of stigma for its wearers, but over the years, I suppose that having a hearing aid plugged into your ear is no big deal, and there definitely is nothing to be ashamed of. However, technology has improved by leaps and bounds through the years, that we start to see bette developments in this department so much so that the Nanoplug has arrived.

'Made For iPhone' Hearing Aids Coming Early 2014
Most people might be unaware of the fact that Denmark supplies half of the world’s hearing aids. A lot of companies based in the country have consistently been working to leverage modern technology to help those who are hard of hearing or those who can’t hear at all. GN ReSound, a company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has worked closely with Apple on its LiNX hearing aids which are the world’s first […]

Apple EarPods Hit With Lawsuit From Hearing Aid Maker
When Apple announced the iPhone 5, it also announced it would be offering a new headset with it as well as future iOS products which it deemed the EarPods. Unfortunately, it looks as though a hearing aid company seems to have an issue with Apple’s latest headset.Randolph Divisions has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit in Hawaii that alleges Apple’s EarPods infringe on their “HearPod” trademark and product. The company has held […]


Middle ear microphone to yield smaller hearing aid?
Some folks are embarrassed to be caught wearing a hearing aid, as their pride dictates that they are not supposed to be hard of hearing at that particular age. Well, I say that it should not matter – so what if you are wearing a hearing aid? Is it anything to be ashamed of? You might as well not get caught using a walking stick or wearing a pair of […]

SoundsGood hearing aid resembles earrings
Wearing a hearing aid can be a necessity for some, but others who are self-conscious might wish that there is a different way to treat their condition instead. I supposed the SoundsGood hearing aid concept, if it manages to turn into reality, would fly off the shelves – especially since it resembles a pair of rather stately earrings that the ladies would fall in love with. Whenever you put the […]

New hearing aid technology removes clatter
Ever heard of the hearing loop before? No? Perhaps in due time, it will gain far more recognition as this technology might soon be able to revolutionize the way hearing aids work. The user needs not wear a pair of special headphones or earpiece, since words and music (from lets say, a performance) can be transmitted over to a wireless receiver in a hearing aid. Already widely adopted in Northern […]

Siemens introduces the iMini: the tiny hearing aid
Siemens Hearing Instruments has just introduced a new hearing aid, called the iMini, a custom made hearing aid that is extremely tiny and effective. The iMini digital hearing aid is placed deep into the bendable, cartilaginous portion of the ear canal where it does its job in amplifying the noise of your surroundings, while staying hidden from sight. So for those of you who don’t like the idea of a […]

Pulse auditory system for little ones
It can get pretty tough for young kids to get used to wearing a hearing aid if they happen to experience some sort of hearing disability, where your regular hearing aid can be an uncomfortable, disconcerting, and embarrassing experience. Nice to know that someone out there has a heart for such kids, coming up with the Pulse – an auditory system that intends to smoothen this rather difficult transition by […]

SoundBite hearing aid given FDA clearance
Remember the SoundBite hearing aid that we reported about early last year? In case you forgot, the SoundBite is a unique device to help those who have problems hearing in one ear. The user wears a device around his or her ear, and attaches the other half of the device onto their teeth. Audio that is picked up by the device on the ear is transmitted to the mouthpiece which […]

Beltone True hearing aid is exceedingly discreet
Not everyone is okay with others knowing they need some mechanical assistance when it comes to hearing, as they have this thing called pride and ego to deal with. Beltone knows this, which is why it has come up with the True hearing aid which is tiny enough to be worn without being seen. Apart from functioning as a standard hearing aid to roll back the years in your ear […]

ReSound Alera hearing aid comes with Bluetooth
The ReSound Alera hearing aid might not be first off the blocks to feature Bluetooth connectivity, but it might just be stylish and powerful enough to make you think that this is just about the only hearing aid in the world that you need. It will run on the 2.4GHz frequency, and when used with the accompanying Unite wireless accessories, will let you pipe in audio from TVs, stereos, cellphones […]

PLUG hearing aid concept
Body modification has its fair share of fans and detractors, and if you fall under the former category, then you might want to check out the PLUG hearing aid concept. Why do we say so? After all, the stereotype hardcore body modification aficionado will most probably indulge in a whole lot of rock music during his/her youth at some really insane volume levels, which is why a hearing aid would […]

SoundBite system helps with your hearing
We will never look at the term “sound bytes” the same way ever again as the SoundBite system turns it literal – this unique hearing system will help transmit audio to the inner ear through teeth, thanks to a tiny unit that is worn behind the ear as well as an in-the-mouth (ITM) hearing device which will be specially made to fit either the upper left or right back teeth. […]

Cochlear BAHA BP100 hearing aid
The BAHA BP100 hearing aid from Cochlear is the latest in hearing aid technology, where it will offer significant improvements in speech understanding in noisy situations (around 25%) alongside improved bone conduction hearing performance compared to its predecessors. In addition, it will play nice with an ever growing host of lifestyle accessories including iPods and Bluetooth adapters. Dubbed to be the first direct bone conduction device in the world, the […]

Hearing aid boasts built-in MP3 player
Most of us find hearing aids to be something associated with the old and geriatric, but how about a hearing aid that comes with an MP3 player built-in? Sounds pretty contradictory, no? After all, research has shown that excessive listening to one’s Walkman or Discman at loud levels back in the 1980s proved to be detrimental to one’s hearing, which results in wearing hearing aids many years down the road. […]