Most people might be unaware of the fact that Denmark supplies half of the world’s hearing aids. A lot of companies based in the country have consistently been working to leverage modern technology to help those who are hard of hearing or those who can’t hear at all. GN ReSound, a company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has worked closely with Apple on its LiNX hearing aids which are the world’s first “Made for iPhone” hearing aids. The technology is actually quite impressive, these are the first hearing aids of any kind that can connect directly to a smartphone without needing a “streamer” that acts as a transmitter between a hearing aid and a Bluetooth equipped mobile phone.

LiNX hearing aids can be used to stream music and as a two-way headset for phone calls, its settings can be adjusted through a companion app for iOS. They communicate with the device through the 2.4 gigahertz band using Bluetooth 4.0 LE. LiNX is going to ship early next year, it will be priced a tad over $3,000 per hearing aid. Apple has also been working with other companies on similar products, William Demant in Denmark and Starkey Technologies in Minnesota have been working with Apple to create similar “Made for iPhone” products.

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