nanoplugHearing aids used to carry a sense of stigma for its wearers, but over the years, I suppose that having a hearing aid plugged into your ear is no big deal, and there definitely is nothing to be ashamed of. However, technology has improved by leaps and bounds through the years, that we start to see bette developments in this department so much so that the Nanoplug has arrived.

Just how small is the Nanoplug? For starters, it is no larger in size than that of an eraser, where it will also be affordable to the masses and is half the size of conventional hearing aids according to its manufacturers. Perhaps this invention might help those who need a hearing aid but feel averse to wearing one, thanks to the nearly non-existent size.

Industrial designer Jongha Lee is the one behind the Nanoplug’s design, where it comes in a form factor that is smaller than even select coffee beans. The inventor of the hearing aid shared, “Social stigma still hinders people from taking advantage of ordinary hearing aids, but with the Nanoplug, we can say goodbye to bulky, embarrassing, and expensive aids.” I suppose it is now seen as a lifestyle choice by some, and once it is placed within the ear, it cannot be seen externally. The nanobattery within is as small as a grain of sand, and on a full charge, ought to be able to last for a full week.

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