Passive walking robotIf you thought that the best way to escape a robot is to stay out of its reach until it runs out of power, you might be out of luck in the future. The researchers from the Sano Laboratory at the Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan, have managed to develop a passive walking robot. It is designed to walk using only its own weight, without any motors, sensors, computers or electricity. In fact, all you need to get it into motion is just one push.


The robot has been around for some time now, entering the Guinness Book of Records last year for walking continuously for 13 hours, taking 100,000 steps and reaching 15km. The researchers plan to apply this technology to walk in sports equipment and for people who need care or find it hard to walk and could use the aid of a walking robot. It’s going to be a couple more years until this technology becomes commercialized and awhile more before we’ll see it being used in highly advanced robots, so technophobes – you’re safe for now.

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