[CEATEC 2011] Pioneer did reveal a bicycle computer at CES 2011 earlier this year, but fast forward 10 months and you see bicycles get some lovin’ over at CEATEC 2011 in Japan as well. There is not much information on this particular cyclometer (if you can call it one), where we can more or less guess those with a fitness regime will most probably find it useful – assuming it does stuff like track your speed, heart rate as well as power among other statistics, which hopefully can be analyzed and broken down into different segments later on.

The LCD display will also be accompanied by other specifications such as integrated GPS, a microSD memory card slot as well as a microUSB port to keep it juiced up (and for data transfer presumably). No idea on whether this will arrive Stateside, but if it does, it is not going to be the first cyclometer in the market to do so.

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