Most of us stash our music collection across a wide range of devices as well as on the cloud, where some tracks are placed on Amazon, while others are cleverly stashed away on iPods of numerous generations, with a fair number of hard drives securing your music collection as well. The Pioneer Music Tap does not really care where all your media is stored though – it will be able to play those.

Specially designed to be used as either a tabletop stereo or as a smaller satellite player to keep company a primary A/V receiver, the Music Tap system comprises of integrated Wi-Fi access that will enable AirPlay to push media from an iTunes playlist. Not only that, DLNA 1.5 and vTuner Internet radio are also supported. Just in case those are not enough, the system comes with inputs for USB, FM tuning, Bluetooth connectivty, and a slide-out iPod/iPhone dock as well as component Video Out should the need arise.

Similar in many ways to the VSX-1021, the Music Tap will be able to run Pioneer’s proprietary AirJam app for iOS devices, and will come in two flavors – the Pioneer Music Tap and the one with Bluetooth support which will retail for $399 and $479, respectively.

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