We do know that RIM has been struggling for some time to grow their user base, in addition to fighting on the smartphone front to make sure more and more of their current subscribers do not make the jump to competing platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. Well, perhaps a radically new hardware is called for, and we won’t be surprised if the REA71UW which has already made its rounds at the FCC might be the next big thing from RIM.

This will be another smartphone under the BlackBerry umbrella, where it will ship with BlackBerry 7 OS onboard, not to mention having it work on AT&T’s 3G network (850/1900) as shown in the FCC documents. Other than that, nothing else is known about the REA71UW, so we will just have to be patient with this and wait for future leaks as well as ninja-snapped photos. What do you think the REA71UW will shape up to be like, and is this the phone that will save RIM?

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