Remember ColorWare, the company that specializes in customizing the look of your phones and tablets according to colors that you specified yourself? Well, these Fanny Wang headphones may not be from ColorWare, but they are offering up a similar feature where you will be able to completely customize the look of your headphones.

Based on the picture above, it seems that you will be able to customize pretty much every aspect of the headphones, ranging from the color of the outside band, right down to the color of the cord itself! Users will be able to customize the company’s 1001, 2001, and 3001 models.

Unlike ColorWare where you will have to pay hundreds of dollars for a custom job, customized Fanny Wang headphones will cost you an additional $50 on top of the price of the headphones, but even then the total sum will set you back a minimum of $200. Interested in getting your own pair of customized headphones? Head on down to Fanny Wang’s website and start customizing away!

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