Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative kicks off

Xpand 3D glassesWe’ve previously written about the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative, and now it looks like the program has finally kicked. The purpose of the initiative, which was set up by Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and X6D (XPAND 3D), is to create a standard for 3D glasses so that consumers will only need one pair of 3D glasses that they can use with their home devices and when they go to the movies.

Today, the initiative announced that the licensing program of these standardized Full HD 3D glasses has begun, and the technologies used in the standard can be obtained by manufacturers who are keen on taking part in the program. We saw a whole list of companies express their interest in the past, so it shouldn’t be too long before the market are flooded with these glasses.

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No longer will you have to resort to sticking to one brand in the future – if you prefer the design of another company’s 3D glasses, this standard shall also ensure that the glasses will work on your 3D system at home – provided that it’s compatible. Find out more about the Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative.

[Press Release]

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