3D movies exploded onto the scene with the success of James Cameron’s Avatar, and most of the titles that are released these days will come with 3D support. Apart from ticket prices that are double that of standard 2D movies, one consolation is we need not pay more for the 3D glasses itself. Well, it seems that ticket prices for 3D movies might continue to rise after Sony sent letters to studios, asking them to foot the bill for RealD glasses that might cost anywhere from $5 million to $10 million for each blockbuster release from May 1st next year onwards.

Hopefully studios will not pass the cost down to us in terms of increased ticket prices, and instead, they will learn to absorb that cost. After all, the global economy is not that rosy anymore, and any further increase in the ticket price is just going to turn moviegoers away fro 3D matinees, and dropping ticket sales might end up backfiring on the movie studios in the end.

How much are you willing to pay to watch a 3D movie?

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