Xpand 3D glasses

Earlier this year, Xpand and Panasonic teamed up to come up with a new standard for 3D glasses called M-3DI. The purpose of having a standard was so that consumers would only need one pair of 3D glasses that they can use with their home 3D devices and when they go to the movies. Now it looks like more manufacturers want to get onboard with the program, and it’s been reported that Samsung and Sony have entered a partnership with Panasonic and Xpand 3D to form the “Full HD 3D Glasses Initiative”.

It wasn’t mentioned how different this is going to be from the M-3DI standard, but the goal of the project is the same: to create 3D active glasses that will work on all future 3D screens from the companies and be backward compatible with their 2011 3D displays as well. The 3D glasses will also be making use of Bluetooth to allow greater freedom of movement for its users. Expect the first glasses from this initiative to drop in September 2011.

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