Do you have a lot of friends who might be living overseas? Short of chatting with them online via instant messenger services, you could always send them a text message although that might cost you quite a bit in international SMS fees. That’s where JaxtrSMS comes in – a free application that will let you send free text messages to anyone in the world.


We know that there exist apps like Blackberry Messenger for Blackberry to Blackberry messaging, iMessage for iOS to iOS, and Whatsapp that allows Blackberry, Android, iOS and Windows Phone users to text each other for free cross platform, which begs the question what so different about JaxtrSMS?

For starters unlike BBM and iMessage, JaxtrSMS will be available for all platforms and will not require a fee like Whatsapp (which is $0.99 for iOS and requires a $1.99 subscription fee for Blackberry users after a year’s free trial). It will also allow users to send text messages to non-JaxtrSMS users for free although the app is required if the user wants to send a reply for free. For those wondering, JaxtrSMS was founded by Hotmail’s co-founder Sabeer Bhatia and the service was officially launched in Mumbai today. For more information about the service and the app, head on down to their official website.

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