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How To Send Text Messages From Your Computer?
You might want to check out our article on how to make your number private when texting before trying to proceed with sending a text from your computer.

How To Make Your Number Private When Texting?
You might be wondering if this is possible – but yes, you can choose to keep your number private when texting. However, you need to be aware of a couple of things before you jump into what we suggest here.

How To Backup Text Messages From Android To Gmail
Text messages are usually the one thing that we forget to transfer to our new phone or store when we perform a factory reset to our current device. And that’s a pity, since the process of backing up your text messages is ridiculously simple. In this tutorial we will show you how to backup your text messages from your Android device to a Gmail account.

Backup SMS Text Messages on Android (+Restore)
SMS Text message are extremely important for a lot of people. Yet, it is very easy to lose them all when your phone is lost or destroyed, reset or simply when you switch to a new one. An SMS text message backup isn’t hard to do and we will show you how. You don’t need root access or anything hacky, just a free app and a few minutes of your time. Here’s […]


Backup (and restore) SMS on iPhone
With an iPhone, you can restore SMS messages & iMessages. However, you cannot perform that unless you reset your device to the factory state.Fret not, if you are willing to reset your device or looking for a way to simply restore your messages on a clean iOS install, we have your back. You can easily backup and restore SMS on iPhone using two methods which are mentioned below.

Transfer SMS Messages From Android To iPhone
You may want only to transfer SMS messages from an Android device to iPhone. The reason: you might be switching over to an iPhone (nothing wrong with that!) or for some reason you may require the SMS conversations present on your Android device to also be on your iPhone. We will show two of the easiest ways by which you can transfer SMS messages from Android to iPhone.

Transfer SMS Messages from iPhone To Android
If you are making a switch from an iPhone to Android, you will need to transfer everything you can to your new device. You might think of it as a time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be.In this article, we are going to explain how to transfer SMS messages from iPhone to Android. Follow the steps below to do it easily and efficiently, for free.

How To Block Text Messages On iPhone
Since (short) text messages, or SMS, is so well-known and can be used to quickly deliver a message without doing much work, advertising companies are also using it to promote their products, offering information, etc. Not only that, some people you’ve only met once could spam you with annoying texts.Luckily, in recent releases, starting from iOS 7, Apple has implemented more security features for their iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad […]

Best Android Texting App Alternatives
Your Android phone’s texting app may be quite sleek and fast, but eventually, you may grow tired of same interface and features. Fortunately, we got access to the Google Play Store, where we can find even fancier third-party texting apps.Those alternate apps cater to different needs:attractive design, ease, privacy just name it! In this article, we are going to list the best free android texting apps alternatives, you can just […]

Twitter And Texting Useful For First Responders In An Emergency
First responders are the ones who step into a situation – whether it is a natural disaster or a result of human error, in order to work out an evaluation on the crisis at hand so that they can figure out the best way to help, while being relevant to the context. Most of the time, first responders enter such situations with minimal information on the number of people there […]

How To Send Email To SMS (and Vice Versa)
SMS (aka “text”) and Email are the most common means of communication. You can easily send a text or email to anyone if you know their required contact details and it doesn’t cost much either. However, there are times when you want to send a message across these two platforms. You can easily send a text to anyone’s email or email as SMS to any phone and there are many […]

How To Block Text Messages On Android
You can easily block text messages from any number you want, using more than just one method. If you believe you are okay with receiving few texts every day, then think again, because you are also paying for them unless you have an unlimited SMS plan.In this tutorial, we will show you how you can block texts from different numbers using different methods. Not all of the methods will work […]

ComSonics Radar Guns Could Detect Drivers Who Text
Texting while driving is a definite no-no, and it should be anathema to all those behind the wheel, pretty much the same when it comes to taking a swig of your favorite poison. After all, there are horror stories of texting while driving which has led to tragedies, and you certainly do not need a simulator to teach you that, do you? Apple has already patented a technology that can […]

Home Appliances Could Text You In The Future
A computer science professor thinks that the pace of interaction between consumers and their appliances will increase at a rapid pace in the future, and this might see your fridges informing you remotely whenever you start to run low on essential items, i.e. milk. Dr. Kevin Curran claims that it is a matter of the next five years advancing technology to have home appliances sent text messages to humans, in […]

Texting Could Improve Spelling And Grammar In Children
I am quite sure that those of us who use the Queen’s English would have shaked our heads and clucked our tongues at how the English language has seemingly deteriorated over the years, decimated by short forms as well as a mixture of numerals and letters in order to convey a message in the shortest manner possible – 140 characters or less most of the time. The question is, has […]

Central African Republic Bans SMS Services
Those who happen to live in the Central African Republic have not exactly gone through a bed of roses over the years, ever since the country gained its independence in 1960. Of course, there are the relevant growing pains of a nation which are to be expected, and with that, the advent of technology in the landlocked region cannot be avoided. However, it seems that the government has issued a […]

Don’t Just Call, SMS 911 In Case Of Emergency
What is the number that most people would dial in the event of an emergency? 911 would come into mind, and most folks would know by now that they are able to send a SMS to 911 in the event of an emergency, but there are no guarantees that the relevant law enforcement will respond in time. Still, there are strides being made even as you read this, since the […]

Flash CyanogenMod Via SMS With SMS-Romer
The world is moving so fast these days, that our smartphones have ended up to be an indispensable part of our lives. After all, it is our smartphones that happen to function as our navigational device in unfamiliar territories, while keeping us entertained as we commute to and from work. Not only that, it also has its fair share of apps to keep us occupied, and for Android users, custom […]

Driver Texted 44 Times Prior To Hitting Cyclist
There are always those out there who do not want to follow the rules because they think that they know better. Case in point, this particular lady who hit a cyclist near Koroit, which is a small rural town in western Victoria, Australia. Apparently, the cyclist was on the edge of the road as the lady’s hit him from behind with her car, never mind that he had taken the […]

Survey: Nearly 50% Of Sexts Are Lies
There is nothing quite like a survey to pull out some cold, hard facts about a particular situation, and a survey that comprises of college students as the subjects of questions, close to 50% of those claim that they have sent a sexy text – or a “sext” if you will, without meaning the content within to be true. In a nutshell, sexters do not wear or do what they […]